Rasmussen, CBS, and Zogby polls all approach 50% PRO Legalization

According to three of the leading mainstream polling organizations, yes, Americans are Growing Kinder to Bud.

The political and statistical web site, FiveThirtyEight.com, which correctly forecasted the results of the last presidential election in 49 of 50 and home of Nate Silver, innovator of the PECOTA (Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm), has "compiled a database of every past poll I could find on this subject, including a series of Gallup polls and results from the General Social Survey, and could never before find more than 36 percent of the population (Gallup in October, 2005) stating a position in favor of legalization."

While somewhat sobering in terms of timeframes for complete Federal Legalization, the results are tremendously encouraging for HR5843 as near term positive step toward that eventuality. And yeah, you can thank your mom and dad, because it's WE who constitute the demographic tipping point over the past 40 years of activism:
The pro-legalization position may have some generational momentum as well. According to an AARP poll conducted several years ago, while just 8 percent of Americans aged 70 or older had ever tried pot, lifetime usage rates grow to 58 percent among 45-49 year olds.
As always, we invite you to obey the law as it is no matter how stupid, so that you can put all that righteous energy to work for The Revolution. We need your help, we can't take it the last ten yards over the goal line without you.

Nulle Bastardo Carborundum.

California Stepping Up Campaign to End Prohibition

Click to PUSH FOR ONE MILLION DIGGS on this important breakthrough! We're starting with less than 10,000; but with a goal and the POWER OF THE TWEEPLE ... Yes We Can! So crack open a new case of your favorite Energy Drink and go RT ballistic all day and all night! Let's make it happen!
California State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano will announce legislation on Monday to legalize marijuana and earn perhaps $1 billion annually by taxing it.
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Cardoso, Gaviria, Zedillo Urge Obama to Decriminalize Marijuana

Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Former presidents of Brazil, Mexico and Colombia said the U.S.-led war on drugs has failed and urged President Barack Obama to consider new policies, including decriminalizing marijuana, and to treat drug use as a public health problem.

Among the group’s proposals ahead of a special United Nations ministerial meeting in Vienna to evaluate global drug policy is a call to decriminalize the possession of cannabis for personal use.

“We need to break the taboo that’s blocking an honest debate,” Cardoso said at a press conference in Rio de Janeiro to present the report. “Numerous scientific studies show that the damage caused by marijuana is similar to that of alcohol or tobacco.”

Read the entire article and pass it on!

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Do not let the media bury HR5843 legislation!

How can this be possible? Click the search link and you'll find NOT ONE SINGLE NEWS STORY in all of Google News about HR5843.


How can that be possible. Yes, there are new items about "decriminalize marijuana" but why do NONE OF THEM reference the Current Active Legislation that can and will End Prohibition THIS YEAR, if we demand it?

And why wasn't this $10 Billion per year REVENUE included in the Economic Stimulus bill? Why do our elected officials continue to throw that money away? Worse, they are giving it away to criminals, instead of putting the money to use educating the public and treating those with addictive personalities or genetics?

Don't let the mainstream media get away with this cheap trick of keeping the public in the dark. Link to, or repost this blog post everywhere you possibly can.

What Michael Phelps Should have Said

From The Agitator:
Tell you what. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll apologize for smoking pot when every politician who ever did drugs and then voted to uphold or strengthen the drug laws marches his ass off to the nearest federal prison to serve out the sentence he wants to impose on everyone else for committing the same crimes he committed. I’ll apologize when the sons, daughters, and nephews of powerful politicians who get caught possessing or dealing drugs in the frat house or prep school get the same treatment as the no-name, probably black kid caught on the corner or the front stoop doing the same thing.

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Facebook and CurrentTV Communities Enjoin Kellogg's Boycott

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In support of HR 5843 IH, Act to Remove Federal Penalties for the Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults (Introduced in House), Marijuana Reform Activists of all ages, professions, and personal histories have enjoined a Global Boycott of Kellogg's Brands as an overwhelming tide of support the the decriminalization of hemp in the U.S. Join this viral movement for meaningful social progress and help spread the word by any or all of the following:
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Friendfeed Fires up a Big Phatty for Phelps

Join the great debate in response to GeekAndaHalf's:
Cereal and snack maker Kellogg Co. says it will not renew its sponsorhip contract with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps because he has acknowledged smoking marijuana last fall. The Battle Creek, Mich.-based company said Thursday that Phelps's behavior — caught on camera and published Sunday — is "not consistent with the image of Kellogg.

Hypocrisy of Olympic Proportion

John V. Santore, campaign organizer, and former congressional speechwriter writes:
While marijuana laws have changed over time, and while past administrations have attempted to show that the situation isn't as dire as it appears to be, drug policy in the United States is immensely hypocritical and destructive. Today, public figures justify past drug use as "youthful indiscretions" and the matter is dropped. But huge numbers of ordinary Americans are introduced to the jail system because of minor drug offenses, and as the records show, the overwhelmingly disproportionate nature of drug arrests creates a justified perception of injustice and both economic and racial bias.

Will Michael Phelps have to go to court for his actions? No. (Nor should he have to.) Will any law enforcement jurisdiction in America conduct a systematic raid of a college dorm at a prominent university with the goal of arresting everyone in possession of marijuana? Of course not. If such an action was taken on a broad scale, the arrests would likely be in the thousands. At the same time, will poor Americans, overwhelmingly minority in ethnicity, continue to be arrested by local police for the possession of small amounts of pot? Absolutely.