The Planet is Fine. Us? Not so much.

"The planet is FINE ... the PEOPLE are fucked!" -- George Carlin

Hemp for Victory

This film is authentic even though no less than the Library of Congress LIED ABOUT IT'S EXISTENCE until it could no longer be denied. The hypocrisy of marijuana prohibition is so far beyond absurd as to render any thinking American utterly mortified that We The People have tolerated the abuses of Government that would one day SUBSIDIZE our growing of hemp and the next IMPRISON OUR CHILDREN for it's possession or recreational use.

And this is a government to whom we are to feel proud to pledge allegiance? I think not. However, WE CAN BE THE CHANGE WE SEEK IN THE WORLD and can *change* these backward policies through education and solidarity in action.

Bush Impeachment in Progress

But have you heard a SINGLE word about it in the mainstream? Of course not. And as usual, guess who our humble, courageous, and persistent American hero is ... yet again ...

Metallica Has Smoked Themselves Retarded

So sad, but Mark is right:
I try not to throw this terminology around lightly, either, as I’ve witnessed [and partaken in] a fair amount of mental incapacity and inebriation in my life. This is the only explanation I can proffer that seems to make any sense, though.