New Fed Guidelines ... Now What?

If you are reading this post, you are most likely aware that the Obama administration issued guidelines this week clearly stating that the federal government will not arrest medical marijuana patients or providers who comply with state law.

How can you help, you ask

For starters, you can help the Marijuana Policy Project build on this fantastic news by writing your members of Congress and asking them to make medical marijuana available nationwide. MPP has the form ready to go and its fast and easy to use.

Next, you can become more KNOWLEDGEABLE! Knowledge is power is not some cheap cliche! So please check out the links on this page and visit other sites to show your support.

Here is an excerpt from a great Wall Street Journal article that came out today.
"The guidelines do little to clarify the situation in California, where voters approved a medical-marijuana initiative in 1996 but rules vary widely by county. The regulations allow doctors to recommend pot for medical use and enable medical caregivers to provide pot, though not for a profit.

Since then, the state has largely left interpretation of the law to local agencies. As a result, the amount of medical marijuana a person may have -- and the ways in which the drug may be sold -- isn't consistent."
So look, listen, read and learn and stand up for your beliefs, after all, THEY CAN'T STOP US ALL!