America's War on Youth

Wow, how EVIL is this story, linked below? Watch for yourself and see.

Please view that 8 minute 20/20 investigation, above, if you can find the time. Thank you.

We can understand keeping fully automatic firearms and CHEMICAL drugs illegal, but ORGANIC substances just strike me as an issue for PARENTS, CHURCHES, AND VALUES to regulate, *not* government thugs. Such a vast majority of young people at the very least TRY pot, and it's a brutal lottery to find which ones end up with their lives ruined while other go on to be Republican Presidents and Republican Governor's of California. Statistically, we are nearly ALL "guilty" of experimenting or casually using a naturally occurring plant at some point in our lives, yet it's a notoriously Republican issue to continue this absurd War on Youth, masquerading as an utterly futile War on Drugs.

Isn't it time to end this absurd war that harms our own children and grandchildren far more than it hurts the international cartels? We should be chasing the Dangerous International Cartels and Terrorists, not our own children -- who are the punitive targets of BOTH the cartels and US!

How many times have we heard frustrated policemen on the street express this same sentiment? They are the ones charged with enforcing the laws, they have no choice but to do so, yet they increasingly agree that this is the worst of all aspects of their jobs. I'd like to hear if your own police friends have yet come around on this point, as well. Most mature cops that I know all believe that possession for personal use should be at least decriminalized and even legalized, as is currently proposed by Congress.

Yes, there is finally CURRENT pending national legislation to eliminate the ongoing War on Youth while preserving the intent of cracking down on huge international traffickers of weapons and CHEMICAL drugs. It is House Bill

Please take a look at this legislation H.R. 5843 and full text at the Library of Congress

Then please consider supporting H.R. 5843 by contacting your local representatives here

Finally, feel free to forward this, particularly to people who might initially DISAGREE. It's those who don't directly see or feel the monumental damage caused (and almost ZERO benefit gained) by continuing Marijuana Prohibition with whom we most need to expand the dialog.

Neither McCain NOR Obama have any interest in making this vital CHANGE to make our society SAFER and more CIVIL by focusing on the Dangerous International Cartels and Terrorists instead of our own children. Both parties are supported by the same corporate interests, so this CHANGE is up to us and us alone.