Steve Gillmor's Massive Head Buzz

Wow, Steve Gillmor jumps to Google's defense with great advice and some key advantages of everyday use, in context. According to Gillmor's statement below, the productivity improvements inherent to Buzz apparently far outweigh the initial, knee-jerk, populist misconceptions of privacy infringements. Apparently, Gillmor sees little or no privacy concerns at all, since he sings the praises of buzz's signal-to-noise improving capabilities in his own everyday use:
"the biggest bang for Google’s buck will be to double down on the email integration. Scorned as a privacy invasion, the built-in integration of relevant Buzzes lets me keep the noise down by only commenting on threads I want to track."
I'm confident he'll clarify for us, if we're mistaken; but for now, remember that the best buzz is always the most authentic and organic buzz!