False Fears v Real Facts: Cal. Prop. 19 Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010

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Allowing American citizens to grow a little marijuana in their own backyards will carve the guts out of the drug gangs, get the drug cartels out of our communities, put an end to most of the border violence, and reduce illegal immigration. As the discussion goes forward, let’s remember to ask ourselves, “If my child or grandchild got a little off track and got caught with a little marijuana, would I want him or her to go to jail, lose their college financial aid, spend a few days locked up with the sexual predators...?” Proposition 19 will put an end to this huge injustice being done to our own children and grandchildren.

Californians: register to vote at https://www.sos.ca.gov/nvrc/fedform/ Just fill out the form and mail it in! (Please go for it RIGHT NOW while ur thinking about it!)

Citizens of other states can Google your state name and “voter registration” to find out how to register; a lot of states allow instant on-line registration. Do it now so you can vote in November!
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Opinion: Critics of Prop. 19 on marijuana rely on fear, not facts
By Paul Armentano
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Proposition 19, also known as the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010, is a California ballot proposition which is on the November 2, 2010 California statewide ballot as an initiated state statute.