Heard it All Before? Holder promises to ease enforcement in states where pot is legal

When asked what this could mean in terms of dispensaries that have been targeted by the federal government and are currently embroiled in legal action, Reiman said,
What it should mean is that dispensaries in California that are operating within the the confines of state law and their local law should not be subject to federal interference.”

Prohibition's Tipping Point: federal judge sees marijuana following same path as alcohol in the 1930's

BigThink: The Tipping Point
A string of high-profile legal events suggests that government institutions are beginning to bend to public opinion, which increasingly supports relaxing laws that categorically ban marijuana. Just this week, "Attorney General Eric Holder announced an initiative to curb mandatory minimum drug sentences and a federal judge called New York City's stop-and-frisk policy unconstitutional." New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has strongly opposed legalization in the past, said he will make concessions on a new bill that favors medical marijuana.
Last week, a Gallup reported that almost four in ten Americans supported outright pot legalization.  John Kane, a federal judge in Colorado, said he sees marijuana following the same path as alcohol in the 1930s. Toward the end of Prohibition, judges routinely dismissed violations or levied fines so trivial that prosecutors quit filing cases.

Stonehead Loser Gupta Pivots on Weed

Of course the title is snarky, porque no human being with any modest capacity for reasoning could ever reach any other conclusion.

CNN Health, Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Why I changed my mind on weed.