A One Year Experiment in Microdosing with 'Shrooms

In, How One Year of Microdosing Helped My Career, Relationships, and Happiness, Janet L. Chang describes her detailed one-year long experiment. The results won't surpriser dosers, even on microgram; but the normals may be in for an awakening. Read it now.

Halting Federal Intervention In State Marijuana Markets

NORML reporting:
Legislation is pending before Congress, HR 331, to halt the federal government from taking civil forfeiture action against properties involved in state-sanctioned, medical marijuana-related conduct.
If approved, it would “amend the Controlled Substances Act ... to exempt real property from civil forfeiture due to medical marijuana-related conduct that is authorized by state law.
In the past, federal officials have sought to close dispensaries by threatening property owners with civil forfeiture proceedings. Under these proceedings, property may be seized if there exist evidence that it was involved in activities that violate federal law, regardless of whether those activities are licit under state law.
Presently, the Justice Department is barred from taking such actions because of the passage of the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment. However, that protection will expire on December 8, 2017 unless renewed by Congress.
See how to take action to advance HR331 now, at NORML.

GOP Administration Seeks Public Comments On Marijuana Reclassification

Do this part now! "FDA is 👉 accepting public comments 👈
on marijuana and the other substances currently under UN review via the web until October 31."

Cannabis Cafes in Massachusetts? Inevitable. But not today.

Boston.com reporting;
"This is going to be as normal as when you go to the Boston Common and see a movie and you can buy a drink. But it's not happening tomorrow."

After nearly two years of anticipation, the first recreational marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts could be up and running within “weeks.” However, Bay State residents will have to take their purchases home; it’s going to be much longer before the opening of any businesses that allow customers to smoke or consume weed.