FAQ about the Meaning of Life

FAQ about the Meaning of Life:

# If computing power doubles every two years, what happens when computers are doing the research?

# If I created a mind with no built-in desires, what would it do?

# How can I do something that will still matter in two hundred million years?

# What does this have to do with hemp?

# Who cares? Just read.

Contributions from The Edge

Any rational hemp activist must also be a World Hunger activist. To be otherwise, is utterly incongruent and cosmologically cataclysmic.

THE EDGE:: "A Dollar a Week Will End World Hunger

It's now a billion to a billion: Of the six billion human beings currently alive on this planet, one billion live with a daily agenda of malnutrition, hunger and polluted drinking water, while another one billion — including you and me — live lives where hunger is never really an issue.

The number of really rich and really poor people on the planet now match. That makes the following piece of arithmetics very simple indeed:

If all of us who are rich (in the sense that starvation is out of the question and has always been) want to provide the economic resources necessary to end hunger, how much should we pay? We assume that all existing government and NGO aid programs continue, but will be supplemented by a world-wide campaign for private donations to end hunger (feed your antipode).

The cost of providing one billion people with 250 kilograms of grain every year is approximately $40 billion dollars a year. That would seem to be a lot of money, but with one billion people to pay, it is no big deal: $40 a year! An even more moderate estimate is provided by the organization Netaid: Just $13 billion dollars a year and the basic health and food needs of the world's poorest people could be met."