Just as the hemp plant has changed, so must we, in our relationship to it

Washington Post:
Many Americans of a certain age will remember that in the 1970s, seedy homegrown pot was reviled for its raw, throat-burning quality. Now dope-smoking locavores steer clear of cheap, low- and mid-grade weed in favor of organically grown boutique strains. They speak of "presentation" and varieties so agreeably complex that "you inhale one flavor and exhale another." Just as in the vineyards of the Napa Valley a few miles to the north, complexities come from the soil, from the fruits of labor, from careful breeding. Suddenly, pot has terroir.

It's surreal, even for California, but it may be our future.

Rosenthal sees a day when cannabis will be grown like another popular and ubiquitous crop. "I like the tomato model," he said, rattling off a possible hierarchy of breeders and growers: giant industrial companies; regional companies; farmers; individuals raising marijuana for cash from their own big back yards, then home growers. "There's room for everybody in that model," he said. "But with all the commercial ways tomatoes are grown, home growers still grow the most tomatoes in the U.S."

DeAngelo argues that just as the plant has changed, so must we, in our relationship to it. Marijuana, he says, can teach us how to be kinder to the earth and our fellow travelers on it. "We are at a different time in the history of this plant," he said.

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U.S. Surgeon General: Legalize Marijuana, Stop Criminalizing Youth

Former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders told CNN Sunday she supports legalizing marijuana.
"What I think is horrible about all of this, is that we criminalize young people. And we use so many of our excellent resources ... for things that aren't really causing any problems," said Elders. "It's not a toxic substance."
Oh, OH, OOOOHHHHH! Now what, biatches? NOW WHAT???

How Legalized Pot Factories Work

Via Gizmodo:
This proposed pot factory would produce $50 million of weed annually in an super-sterile, eco-friendly environment.

Guv signs marijuana decriminalization bill

Today, California Guv signed marijuana decriminalization bill.

Effective immediately, driving in the car pool lane is nearly 4x more costly to your wallet and criminal record than possessing an ounce or less of weed.

We're getting there.